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Rider Dome provides a holistic safety solution for motorcycle fleets.


For Riders: We harnesses the power of AI to generate real-time alerts effectively preventing accidents.

For Fleet Managers: With Rider Dome's Fleet Monitoring Platform, fleet managers monitor, track, and enhance their fleet safety and improve operational efficiencies.


For Riders

Rider Dome is Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) based on Computer Vision and AI,  providing riders with real-time alerts against critical threats on the road

Our Vision

Rider Dome 360 degrees protection

Rider Dome's vision is to revolutionize motorcycle safety and transform the riding experience through cutting-edge AI and deep tech solutions. Our ultimate goal is to save lives and ensure that every motorcycle journey is not only thrilling but also remarkably safe


For Fleets

The platform include web based Fleet Monitoring Platform, that aggregates in real time the data fleet managers need to monitor, track and measure all safety aspects of the fleet


With over 70 years of collective entrepreneurial and business experience, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining a winning team. 


Tested by expert riders in thousands of hours in plain and radical conditions to ensure maximum safety and reliability


Rider Dome system uses Computer Vision, Real-Time Alerting, Data Analytics, Rider Profiling and Cloud Technologies to offer an end-to-end Rider Safety


The system generates non-intrusive alerts, providing the rider with enough time to react and avoid or mitigate the threats



Advanced AI-based computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms are used to analyze real time footage (from front and rear cameras) and sensors to detect and asses   threats 360 degrees around the rider


 Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS); an advanced AI technology based on computer vision algorithms that analyses real time data and detects potential threats on the road. 

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Rear – Wide
Angle Camera

Right Alert Indicator​

Left Alert Indicator​

Front – Wide
Angle Camera

Rider Dome​ APU and Sensors​ 

Our Technology
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From Alerting - To Preventing

Rider Dome offers a centralized ‘Fleet Safety Platform’:

The platform aggregates in REAL TIME, the DATA fleet managers need to monitor, track and measure the safety of the fleet

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About Us
Riding on a Highway

Case Study - Coca Cola

Following a successful 4-month pilot program with Coca Cola's fleet in Jakarta, Indonesia, Rider Dome is now being rolled out across the entire fleet. This deployment is aimed at bolstering the safety of Coca Cola's riders by reducing the occurrence of accidents and mitigating potential injuries and fatalities. The company has achieved a comprehensive understanding of its riders' safety profiles and gained access to proprietary rider safety scoring metrics.All data generated by the Rider Dome system is transmitted to the 'Fleet Monitoring Platform,' which aggregates real-time information crucial for fleet managers to monitor, track, and assess the fleet's safety performance.

Rider Dome is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Riding on a Highway

Case Study - Singapore Post

After a successful 6-month pilot program with Singapore Post (SingPost), Rider Dome emerged as the preferred system to elevate the safety of their riders. SingPost witnessed tangible cost savings, both direct and indirect, related to accidents, while also achieving a comprehensive understanding of their riders' safety profiles. Additionally, they gained access to our proprietary Rider Safety Scoring system. Each bike is now equipped with a Rider Dome kit, which promptly generates real-time alerts for critical threats.

All data generated by the Rider Dome system is transmitted to the 'Fleet Monitoring Platform,' which aggregates real-time information crucial for fleet managers to monitor, track, and assess the fleet's safety performance.

Rider Dome is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.


Fleet riders said: "Rider Dome system helps avoid dangerous situations on the road and improves safe driving habits"

Fleet riders said: "Rider Dome system his very valuable and I feel I can do my job better and safer"

Motorcycle Wheel


  • Can Rider Dome be installed on any motorcycle?
    Yes! No one will be left alone, weather you have an urban scooter, delivery bike, sportive bike, e-motorcycle or adventure beast, Rider Dome fits all.
  • Can I buy it now?
    Rider Dome solution is currently offered for motorcycle fleets globally. If you are an individual rider, great that you are interested in Rider Dome. We will update you once Rider Dome is commercially available, leave your details so we can keep you updated.
  • Can I install Rider Dome system by myself?
    Well…if you are a fleet we will install it for you or train your service center to install it. it's easy. For individuals, we recommend installing by an authorized dealer. The list of dealers will be published very soon.
  • Does the Fleet Monitoring Platform require any installation?
    No, it is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any internet browser.
  • As a motorcycle fleet, what benefits can I expect from using this platform?
    By using Rider Dome, you can expect improved safety for your riders, reduced accident rates, lower insurance cost, lower maintenance costs, and increased overall fleet efficiency. Additionally, you'll gain access to valuable data and insights for better decision-making.


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