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Singapore Post and Rider Dome Enhance Motorcycle Riders’ Safety

SingPost’s postmen and couriers, many of whom ride motorcycles as they deliver Singapore’s mail and parcels, are a common sight around the city. While performing this critical task, these dedicated delivery riders, along with over 20,000 others that operate in Singapore, are under an increased risk of being involved in a fatal accident. This risk can be up to 1300% higher compared to the risk to four-wheel drivers.

Riders’ accidents have a financial effect both on the fleet and on the country due to direct and indirect costs such as injuries, productivity loss and high insurance cost.

The high number of recent motorcycle accidents, related to the growing motorcycle fleets, is motivating regulators to start evaluating solutions that aim to decrease the number of road accidents and create safer work environment for the riders.

SingPost places the safety of its riders as its highest priority. This prioritization, along with its openness in adopting new innovative technologies, paved the road to the partnership with Rider Dome.

Rider Dome, a Singapore based startup company, developed an ‘Advanced Riding Assistance System’ (ARAS) that generates real-time alerts against critical threats on the road. The Rider Dome system provides the riders with critical response time that allows avoidance of risky scenarios and prevention of accidents prior to their occurrence. In addition, the Rider Dome system allows the fleet safety management to aggregate and monitor all safety events of the fleets, as well as use it as a ‘black box’ to view videos from the trip (i.e. in case of an accident). On top of this, the system provides the riders with a safety score that allows the fleet management to identify the safest riders in the fleet.

While Driving Assistance became the standard in new cars, the motorcycle riders were left behind. Rider Dome system enables to overcome this gap, motivated by the belief that in a very short time, motorcycles without riding assistance technology will be a rare sight on the road.

Singapore is known as an early adopter of new and innovative technologies, mainly when it comes to safety and efficiency, making it is a perfect location for such a partnership to take place.

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